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Pool Enclosures screen rooms will fade and become brittle over time. A screen repair or complete rescreen might be in your future. Even the slightest little breeze can cause the screen to tear and let unwanted pests in. It is extremely important in Florida to stay on top of the maintenance of your screen because of the number of bugs and critters that can get inside your screen. Let KT Rescreening help.



Sometimes we all feel the need for a little more privacy. If your screened-in porch or pool enclosure is more visible to your neighbors than you’d like, a privacy screen is the solution to keep prying eyes out, while keeping cool breezes and sunshine in. This screen product that has a smoke haze laminate on the outside. You can't see in or out of it, but it lets the sun light in. Because it is a solid product and doesn't let anything pass through it, it is also great for placing around the bottom of your pool enclosure to keep the dirt and grass trimmings from getting in.



Are you ready to enjoy your porch or patio area without the inconvenience of insects, strong breezes, and direct sunlight? We can rescreen and repair your exterior space to keep out those aspects of mother nature you don’t want, and let in the ones you do. We offer no-see-um screens that work great for keeping those tiny unwanted insects out and blocking pine needles or other debris. Our professionals can perfect your enclosure to meet your needs, and fit your budget.

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